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Good Tidings to You, to You & Your Friends

Holiday Cards Sent *CHECK

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Christmas Area Rug *????*

ProSource North Dallas has a holiday final touch to dazzle Friends and Family for next week’s holiday party! Area Rugs are always an added touch in Timeless Design when decorating your Space for Christmas. Point and Click your way to a Beautiful Area Rug.

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Good Tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Useful Information About Area Rugs

The decision to buy area rugs has found favor among homeowners mainly because many newer houses feature floor surfaces such as tile and hardwood. To maintain seasonal styles, you can buy area rugs to modify or change a room’s look throughout the year. The decision to buy area rugs allows you to create a room within a room.

Finding high-quality, area rugs is convenient, economical and simple at ProSource. There are some things you should consider before making the decision to buy area rugs:

  • Use of the area rug – Determine how you will use the floor rugs you buy. Are you using the floor rug to protect a hardwood floor? Or perhaps to define spaces within a room? Is you goal to warm up – both literally and figuratively – tile flooring?
  • Your existing home décor – Integrating the floor rug you buy with your existing décor is essential. If the area rug will be your focal point, consider one with a central medallion. If the fireplace is the focal point, buy an area rug that has a repetitive pattern, minus the medallion. Choose a floor area rug with a subtler pattern in the rug if your upholstery or wallpaper contains ornate patterns. Buy a floor rug with colors that coordinate with your décor. It’s not necessary that all of the colors match, but at least one color should be in the same color family. Buy a light, floor rug to make the room seem more spacious; a dark one to create warmth.
  • Mixing floor rugs – Use different patterns within the same room as long as the colors coordinate. Go with floor rugs of varying sizes to create interest and contrast.

Although choosing an area rug can seem confusing, here are some simple steps to follow:

  • For use under a coffee table, buy a 4′ x 6′ or 6′ x 9′ area rug. Table legs should stand within the rug. To accent furnishings, leave floor space between the rug and furniture.
  • For use under a dining room table, buy a floor rug that’s at least eight feet wide. The chair legs shouldn’t fall off the rug when people are seated at the table or when the chair is pulled out. To be sure of the size, measure the length and width of the table, and add at least four feet to each.
  • For use in an entire room, an 8′ x 11′ rug typically works well. Try to leave an equal amount of flooring exposed on all sides as border.

Area Rugs from ProSource of N. Dallas

Remember, there is no room in your home that will not benefit from the addition of a beautiful, new area rug. And the best place to shop for floor rugs is the nation’s leading source for flooring, ProSource. Explore our huge showroom, establish a membership, and build your business with incredible prices. Visit us on the web  at or make an appointment to visit our location at 972-250-4040!

Santa and Friends 65x46

Holly Berry Bliss 56x39

Frosty and Pear Tree 46x30

Frosty 47x64


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