Hardwood floors have a long tradition of adding beauty and style to homes around the world. With great beauty comes great responsibility. Proper care of the hardwood is necessary to maintain this beauty. Otherwise, your floors will look dull and dirty. Using the wrong type of cleaning products, or allowing a buildup of dirt, grime or wax on your hardwood floors, can cause a haze to form, dulling the shine. Remove this haze with the proper techniques and products to get your floor looking new again.

  • Spray Windex Original Glass Cleaner onto a paper towel or soft cloth. Rub at the haze on your floor. Windex will dissolve the haze, leaving the floor shiny again. Windex will not leave streaks on your floor, which some other window cleaners can.
  • Mix water and vinegar in a bowl or bucket. The water should be warm, not hot. Use equal parts water and vinegar. Soak a cloth or washrag in the mixture and wipe the haze clean. Dry immediately with a clean towel, as allowing water to dry on the surface can cause more streaking and hazing.
  • Clean the floors with specialty cleaners designed specifically for finished hardwood floors to prevent haze from returning. Effective cleaners may vary depending on the finish used for your wood. When in doubt about cleaners that can be effective for your wooden floor, contact the manufacturer for advice.

Tips & Warnings

  • Windex can be used to clean your floors, but can be time consuming, as you have to spray and rub each area. Consider using a specialty cleaner for regular cleanings and only use Windex if necessary to fight haze.
  • Cleaning products such as Orange Glo are designed to polish the floor as well as clean it. If these polishers mix with certain types of wax used to finish wooden floors, they will cause the haze you’re trying to avoid.

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