Should Kitchen Cabinets Match The Hardwood Floors?


Remodeling a kitchen can be a rewarding adventure in home design, but for many homeowners, choosing high-quality wood cabinetry can often be one of most enjoyable aspects of the project. From hearty oak to rock solid maple, specially-selected wood cabinetry often serves as a wonderful accent to the best hardwood floors and can provide a kitchen with a character all its own. Below are few tips for homeowners searching for the right wood species for their home.

For a look that blends traditional charm with modern sensibility, many homeowners may prefer maple cabinetry. The rich wood grain of maple stains clearly, while it’s unparalleled durability makes it one of the most logical and popular selections for kitchen and bath design.

Homeowners looking for a rich, luxurious wood need look no further than cherry wood. This distinctive species can evolve in color over time from sun exposure, ambering from a lighter hue to  bold red shades as it ages. Darker than maple and pine, this can be ideal for homeowners with a contemporary-style kitchen featuring pewter accents.

While maple and cherry wood are still widely favored, the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) reports that both species declined in popularity during 2011 and are expected to continue falling into 2012. Lesser utilized woods like oak have become more commonly used, with 22 percent of NKBA member designers tapping this species for cabinets, a number which is double what it was two years ago.

These fluctuating numbers have done little to affect the overall prevalence of wood cabinetry, which according to the source still holds strong. For homeowners who are opting to renovate their cabinetry using unique wood species like oak, there are several considerations to take into account. In a country-style home, a light oak or honey-hued shade of the species can blend in perfectly with the existing decor and hardwood flooring in the room. The wood easily takes on a stain, so homeowners who haven’t settled on a specific aesthetic may find this type to be an excellent fit.

While selecting the right wood species for a kitchen is highly significant, the performance and aesthetic appeal of all wood cabinetry can be impacted by the style of the overall product. For casual kitchens that accommodate a busy household of kids and pets, easy-to-manage louvered doors that are built to sustain frequent wear and tear. Beaded board may help elevate kitchens with a country theme, while flush or slab-style doors are ideal for minimalist contemporary decors.


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5 responses to “Should Kitchen Cabinets Match The Hardwood Floors?

  1. Unless the resident is really in love with wood, I suggest choosing a flooring that is different in grain and color. The variety makes it more interesting.

  2. Agree with Marde I favor a contrast in both colour and material, but the customer is always right!

  3. Jay

    Someone used the wrong title for this article, as it never answers the question the title asks. Nice pictures, though.

    • Steve Preston

      Hi, you should only ever try to match the kitchen units and floor coverings if it is an exact match, i.e, oak coloured units with a solid Oak floor and or a design floor (Karndean or Amtico). I would always recorrmend (if you can not match exactly) to do the opposite, wooden units stone floor etc, or try to match the flooring to the kitchen work tops. I have seen some very big failures in my time, (were people have try to match wood products, Not Good). Wooden units and wood design floors are the worst. I do hpe this helps!!!!
      Steve Preston
      APC Interiors & Flooring

  4. Lisa

    I am putting a wood floor down it is called tidewater .I am refinishing my cupboard but at a los what color to go with please help

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