Mosaics Make the Difference


Mosaic tile can do wonders for a kitchen, whether it’s chic, modern or traditional and conservative. This type of tile is made up of pieces of glass that can vary in color, bringing a unique look to any living space.

Glass mosaics offer sparkle and glamour to water features, pools, showers, tub surrounds, kitchen backsplashes and a variety of home decor options. Decorative glass mosaics are designed to work beautifully on their own or in combination with natural stone or tile.

ProSource offers a  variety of glass mosaics with a brilliant solution for any design application and ranges from tumbled glass squares and rounds to frosted glass with a mix of travertine. Tile shapes in Mosaics range from Brick, Mini brick, Stacked, Herringbone to Penny rounds.

The majority of glass mosaics on the market are emulsified color-thru body for intense color resolution and brilliance. Many of the glass mosaic designs have a metallic or iridescent finish that will add unique characteristics to enhance any upscale design.

ProSource Wholesale Floorcoverings, the largest trade-only wholesale retailer in the North America, has more than 25,000 different options for homeowners who desire to design their space with mosaics..


For a truly dynamic use of tile, homeowners should consider utilizing it as an accent in either a kitchen or bathroom. Backsplashes can help tie a room together and are a fun place to show off color.

Unlocking the potential of mosaic tile is easy once homeowners have a clear sense of the color and pattern they prefer. With Mosaics, the sky is the limit!


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