Teragren’s Bamboo now Certified USDA BioPreferred


With a growing number of consumers, design professionals and builders seeking ways to incorporate “green” products into their home design projects, the Teragren company is an experienced partner and valuable resource.

Teragren was founded in 1994 (under the name of “TimberGrass”), and have been committed to developing and manufacturing beautiful bamboo products that:

· Reduce dependence on dwindling timber resources
· Rely on renewable-resource materials
· Adhere to stringent, environmentally sensitive specifications
· Promote green building
· Help neutralize the company’s environmental footprint

As a pioneer in the bamboo flooring industry, Teragren has championed strict environmental standards. They’ve worked with the U.S. Green Building Council to promote its LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System™, a system that has become the national standard. Because bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource, all of our products contribute to LEED® v3 certification under MR Credit 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials. All Teragren traditional bamboo flooring, panel and veneer products made with our proprietary no-added-urea-formaldehyde adhesive, and our formaldehyde-free bamboo countertops/table tops, comply with IEQ Credit 4.4: Low-Emitting Materials—Composite Wood and Agrifiber Products. Teragren Portfolio and Synergy™ solid-strip strand bamboo flooring, stair parts and trim, as well as our strand panels and veneer qualify for LEED® v3 IEQ Credit 4.4 because they are manufactured using a phenol-formaldehyde adhesive that emits an average of 0.01 ppm of formaldehyde.


Teragren delivers peace of mind by complying with the highest quality, environmental, and health standards. Their floors were first in the industry to earn FloorScore®-certification, the highest air quality standard in the world. The FloorScore® program rigorously tests products for 78 different VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Certified products qualify for use in high performance schools and offices and are recognized as contributing to good indoor air quality in order to ensure human health. All Teragren floors qualify for IEQ Credit 4.3: Low-Emitting Materials—Flooring Systems. Teragren Bamboo has earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label for its complete line of bamboo building products, the company announced. The USDA Certified Biobased Product Label verifies that the products’ amount of renewable biobased ingredients meets or exceeds prescribed USDA levels. Biobased products are goods composed in whole or in significant part of agricultural, forestry, or marine materials.

Teragren’s USDA BioPreferred program was created to promote the increased purchase and use of biobased products which are expected to reduce petroleum consumption, increase the use of renewable resources, better manage the carbon cycle, and may contribute to reducing adverse environmental and health impacts.

“We are very excited that our products have tested at such a high biobased content, and are looking forward to proudly displaying the USDA BioPreferred label on all of our products going forward” said Teragren president Mike Boshart. The label is estimated to be on certified Teragren products and available to consumers by early 2013.



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