Top 3 Stain Prevention Tips for Carpet Owners


You might be a pro at removing stains from your carpet, but have you considered taking preventative measures? Doing so can keep you from having to get down on your knees to scrub away stains in the future. If you have pets and kids at home, you know how quickly your carpet(s) can get dirty.

Most carpet owners have a few tricks up their sleeve on how to remove debris and residue, but being proactive might be your best tool against regular cleaning. Here are a few tips you can take into account to keep your home looking beautiful that will leave you spending less time scrubbing your flooring.

1. Choose a carpet color that is resilient to staining.
If you’re going to be installing new carpeting in your home, you have the perfect opportunity to level the frequency of future deep cleaning by choosing a type, texture, and color that would be combative against household carpet stains you’ve encountered int the past.

2. Use Floor mats.
While you might think that mats and rugs can only be used on hardwood or tile, surprisingly they work cohesively with carpeting as well. Consider putting down mats that can easily be thrown in with the laundry when they get dirty. This will reduce how often you need to do damage control on the carpet near door entries and hall paths.

3. Create carpet-friendly rules.
There are proactive measures you and your family can take to make the most of your flooring investment and avoid having to clean your flooring on a frequent basis. For starters, request that family members and guests remove their shoes before walking into the house. Or, consider wiping down your pet’s paws when you return from a walk. Make these rules routines and you will subsequently extend the life of your carpet.

While you might not be concerned with the shelf life of your carpet right after you install it, it’s worth exercising precaution as soon as possible. Taking these tips into consideration can help ensure your carpeting is around for years to come and stays in its beautiful state. Getting your family in on the action can also make your job a little easier.



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  1. I think have entry mats at every doorway makes a big difference. As a carpet cleaning Tampa professional I try to explain to customers that by implementing your suggestions your carpets will stay cleaner longer.

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