Wood Meets Marble: A Perfect Combination


A Marble and Wood inlay designs uses natural materials for classic or contemporary floor set. Whether you utilize a medallion or a polished marble border, this floor combination is sure to upscale any space.

Wood flooring is available in multiple patterns and give a warm feeling to any room. Most wood flooring is available in the following finishes

  • Oil-modified urethane, Moisture-cured urethane treatment
  •  Water-based urethane treatment
  •  Hand-scraped with an Aluminum Oxide Finish

Marble is a type of rock composed of recrystallized material most commonly limestone. The white marble comes from the most pure form of limestone. Colors and veins in the marble arise when other materials are present in the earth crust along with limestone. Marble gives soft look and provides elegance to the modernness of today’s homes.

When working with Earth made flooring products here are a few things to consider:

  • Nature’s trademarks leave no two pieces of wood or stone alike.
  • Wood mineral streaks, small knots, grain and color variations, sap pockets, flecking, etc. give wood materials a unique personality. Likewise, the varied fissures and crevices found in stone give each piece its own color, texture and structural characteristics
  • Variations in parquet floor tiles and hardwood or stone floor inlay are natural occurrences due to species and age of the wood and stone, plus exposure to UV lighting. Such variations contribute to the natural beauty and character of these materials and allow your inlay to remain beautiful for the lifetime your floor.

To make the selection process easier, determine the overall style of the interior — rustic, contemporary or traditional, for example. At this point, eliminate certain flooring design elements that typically do not lend themselves to that particular interior style.

The field pattern should be complementary to the room. Most border designs work very well with plank or parquet. However, care must be taken not to border a relatively complex parquet pattern with a design that is equally or more complicated. The border defines the field, so it should contrast to some extent. A complicated border calls for a less intricate field, and vice versa. See the gallery below for more design inspirations.



Images Courtesy of FatBabyVegan and Houzz.com



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2 responses to “Wood Meets Marble: A Perfect Combination

  1. Bella Blaber

    Where can I find a supplier for this type of flooring – its gorgeous!
    Thanks Bella

    • Hi Bella, yes it is Marble is very beautiful. If you have a Contractor or Installer that has an Account at ProSource Wholesale Floorcoverings they can purchase it there for you at lowest possible price. Marble can be a little expensive and you need to take advantage of their “Low Price Guarantee”. If you are unsure about an Installer your local ProSource Store could possibly get you a few names of local installers or contractors.
      Go to their website and search your zip code for the closest location. Hope this helps.

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