Transitioning from Conventional to Green Cleaning

If you’ve recently finished a renovation of your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room and you’re eager to maintain the pristine appeal of your new flooring, you’ve likely scoured the internet for the best cleaning rituals possible that will allow your home to stand the test of time.

Rather than using harsh and abrasive chemicals that could damage the quality of your floors, you should embrace green cleaning methods across your domicile. Washing and scrubbing with all-natural products won’t just save you from being exposed to noxious fumes and the unsavory side effects of potent antiseptic compounds – it will also help you retain your floor’s natural luster!

Like with conventional cleaners, some all-natural mixtures work better on certain kinds of materials than others. If you recently installed hardwood floors in your home, one effective way to bring out the shine in your floors is by boiling two tea bags in water, then using the antioxidant-laden water to scrub away grime and disinfect the area.

When it comes to sloughing away dirt from laminate floors, you may be in luck. Laminate flooring is already a great choice for those looking to go eco-friendly – not only can laminate replicate the look of real stone and wood without using this vital natural resource, but it can also be made from recyclable materials, reports the North American Laminate Flooring Association.

“Laminate flooring has a wealth of green advantages, and products certified to NALFA’s sustainability standard are being used in growing numbers because of them,” said NALFA president Bill Dearing.

According to NALFA, the composition of laminate floors are only one aspect of their green appeal. While the cores of laminate are typically comprised of 74 percent pre-consumer recycled waste, the installation process is actually where laminate really can excel. Many installers can select floating laminate flooring for homeowners, which removes the need to adhere the flooring with glue or adhesives to the subfloor.

If you’re wondering how to clean laminate floors, you need look no further! Distilled white vinegar is a versatile choice for green cleaning and can help remove scuffs, stains or other discolorations in the flooring when mixed with water. In addition, Borax, which is often sold in the laundry aisle of local grocery stores, contains powerful disinfectant components and may be excellent for highly trafficked areas.

Lastly, if you want to add a little fragrance to your dwelling, essential oils like clove or lavender can be great. Simply dip a cotton ball with the oil and leave it in a musty area of your home, like a spare bathroom or basement. You’ll be amazed at how enduring the scent will be!



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