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Can I Use A Large Porcelain Tile?

Twenty years ago when I started in flooring choosing tile was much easier. We had 8×8 for the floors and 4×4 for the walls. Maybe 6 colors for the floor and about the same for the wall. But today the options are enormous, at ProSource Wholesale Floorcoverings we have a minimum of twenty Vendors with over a hundred SKU’s (stock-keeping unit) with multiple sizes and colors in each one.

Large Format Tiles are very much in Style right now and the trend seems to be getting larger. We see sizes anywhere from 12×24, 20×20 and 24×24. Some of the Rectangular tiles are coming even larger. I have also been seeing more Vendors showing some wood look tiles in 6×36.

wood look large format tiles

A lot of the questions I hear are usually about the size of the room. Most people think their rooms are too small for a large tile. My rule of thumb is that I like to get at least three tiles across. any fewer and I believe you loose the beauty of the tile. You can’t see the patterns or shade variances very well with fewer then three tiles. I really like the larger body tiles. One of my favorite things is that if you have more tile on the floor, you must have less grout joints.

Large Format Tile

With Tiles that come in larger formats they tend to have a lot more varying sizes which will allow you to make different patterns. I use a three tile pattern fairly often, but depending on the sizes available there are many different Design possibilities.

large format pattern

Some advantages of having large format tile installed include;
1.Narrow grout joints – rectified, large format tile allows for thinner grout joint widths
2.Easier maintenance – it is typically much easier to clean the face of tile than it is to clean grout.
3.Room size perception – the perception is that large tile makes the room in which it is installed appear larger

large body 3 size pattern tileBut large-format tile also has its installation challenges. Working with large-format porcelain tile requires closer tolerances in the subfloor, its weight makes it harder to handle in both floor and wall applications. Advanced installation materials and techniques have improved the overall quality of large-format tile installations while helping to improve the installer’s efficiency. Keeping up with the latest in products and techniques will help installers produce aesthetically pleasing – and profitably installed – walls and floors.

In order to get a quality Installation, you need an Installer who knows how to lay large format tile and is willing to take the time necessary to do the job correct. This means they need to be familiar with ANSI Standards and proper Installation Techniques. A large format Porcelain Tile does require a more level and flat surface to be installed on and may not be used in every application. If my floor was not level enough to use a large format tile, I would fix that issue first anyway. To find a quality Tile Installation Crew call your local ProSource Wholesale Floorcoverings Store and see if they could provide you with names of individuals that could handle your project. ProSource has hundreds of Members that are first rate, quality Installers, and the Member could allow you to purchase at Wholesale Prices through their Account. Each Member at ProSource has Automatic Price Protection, guaranteeing you the lowest price everyday!

large body wall tileI like to use a 12×24 for a shower wall or bathroom floor. Glass Lineal Mosaics make a great accent in the shower using 12×24’s vertically.

12x24 vertical


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I have $100 that says you can't beat our prices!

I have $100 that says you can’t beat our prices!

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The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Tile

As “thin, flat, or convex slabs of hard material such as baked clay or plastic, laid in rows to cover walls, floors, and roofs,” vinyl certainly qualifies as tile, according to the definition of tile as listed by The American Heritage Dictionary. Despite its considerable differences in material from ceramic, stone or porcelain, vinyl is often disqualified from the ranks of tile. Yet, for your clients looking for discount vinyl tile, there are often fewer choices that are more cost-effective.

Its primary advantage over any other tile or flooring material is simply in its value and cost-effectiveness. Vinyl tile is considerably cheaper than its ceramic, stone or porcelain counterparts, in both the purchase of the material and installation.

Additionally, another convenience about vinyl over other tile materials is that it can be installed easily. Peel-and-stick vinyl is designed for its simplicity and ease of installation, which provides a great number of benefits to contractors and interior decorators looking to create an overhaul on the floor.

Due to its manufactured qualities, there are a couple of other advantages that can be derived from using vinyl tile over other materials. Vinyl is produced to be resilient, yet flexible and bendable. This resilience and flexibility can come in handy when dealing with a floor with excessive movement or cracks, where often times vinyl might be the only feasible solution, according to an  audience poll from HGTV. Its manufactured origin also means that almost any pattern or color can be created, allowing your client virtually unlimited creativity.

This manufactured quality can also be a con, however. Vinyl displays less natural beauty than genuine ceramic or stone, and the fact that it was produced in a factory certainly shows. Vinyl is also not an ideal material for use in wet environments, effectively taking it out of the running for kitchens and bathrooms. Water can easily seep into tile seams, accumulating dirt and moisture and creating maintenance or adhesive issues for your floor.

Nevertheless, for your client looking for affordable wholesale tile, vinyl is often a great solution. Consider the Harding Luxury Plus Roeper line of vinyl, with the appearance of wood. Or the Vega II Sunberry from Mannington, which appears to be stone from a distance. This variety in design and versatility in look suggests that discount vinyl tile is a great flooring choice.



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