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Recycled Leathers are unique for their esthetic qualities and abrasion properties. Made for extreme wear and tear conditions, the recycled leathers are nearly twice as dense as cork floor tiles, have abrasion rates comparable to linoleum, and are easy to install and maintain. Suitable for floors and walls, recycled leathers can be customized for size, color, or embossing. They look stunningly beautiful and luxurious in a variety of applications.

TING is priced around $75 a square foot, each belt is hand selected to ensure a high grade of leather, after which belts are cleaned, also by hand, with chemical free substance and prepared for use. The belts are then shaved, so all are the same width, and finally they are laid carefully onto a reconstituted leather backing applied with a water-based glue.

Each tile is carefully designed in-house, as the color and patterning on every belt is unique. This means no two tiles will ever be the same.

When laid parquet-style, they have a character and warmth strikingly similar to that of hardwood flooring – a quality that only improves with age.


Inghua Ting established TING in 2000. Following her graduation from the Royal College of Art, Inghua worked in Japan developing innovative, futuristic fabrics. However, working at the forefront of fabric technology led her to considering sustainable issues, and the challenge of designing and producing a desirable, luxury product from reclaimed materials. Inspired by seat belts, old leather belts, vintage leather saddles and a range of salvaged fabrics, Inghua cleverly incorporates these materials into new designs to show them off to their best advantage.
Vintage belt flooring and wall paneling is a bespoke product designed and developed for use in private and commercial spaces. This range also includes brightly colored seat belts that are woven into floor and scatter cushions, over-sized cubes and hammocks.  Deceptively simple in design and incredibly durable, this distinctive collection has become a modern classic, adding sleek sophisticated glamour to stylish interiors, including bars, restaurants, boutique hotels and film and fashion shoots.
TING is a London and Los Angeles based design company that produces luxury products to sustainable, ethical principles.  Well-designed products of exceptional quality are crafted using salvaged materials.
All TING products are produced locally wherever possible and hand made by a team of skilled workers in Europe and Los Angeles.





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