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Tough As Nails: Resista Soft Style Carpet


Befitting its name, the first selling point of Resista Soft Style carpets is simply in how luxurious the softness of the carpet surface is. The yarn technology used in the manufacture of the carpet produces a silky feel that is extraordinarily comfortable to the touch. Additionally, weaving the carpet using tighter twists and heavier weights adds more durability and exceptional toughness, creating a fascinating contrast between soft comforts and tough resilience.

The true miracle of Resista Soft Style carpets, however, is in the advanced fiber technology that allows the surface to repel liquids and makes cleaning a considerably easier endeavor. The stain resistance can repel even the toughest, most harrowing spills, such as red wine, grape juice or chocolate. Additionally, the warranties covered by Resista Carpet typically encompasses a far wider blanket of liquids that are usually ignored by other warranties, including the death knells of mustard, fruit punch and sodas and colas.

The Resista Soft Style Carpet collection comes in a variety of different styles, featuring unique fibers woven together to create different looks and comforts. Clients can choose between Resista Solid, Resista Premium, Resista Tweed or a host of different other styles. As an added bonus, each style has a myriad of color choices, creating a flexibility for design along with tremendous comfort and functionality.

Because there’s no way around life’s little mishaps, Resista® Soft Style is created for ultimate softness, exceptional stain protection, and superior performance. Show your clients this exceptional product — a smart choice for flooring.


Resista™ Cushion Specially Designed For Resista® Carpet

  • Unparalleled moisture resistance and performance
  • Superior comfort and luxury
  • Extra support and impact absorption reduces stress on legs and back
  • Protects your investment by extending the beauty and life of your carpet
  • Warranted for stairs
  • Protects your carpet’s warranty
  • Best choice for radiant heated floors
  • Reduces noise levels for a significantly quieter room
  • Enriched synthetic rubber construction retains resiliency and bounce
  • RESISTA™ carpet cushions meet or exceed all manufacturers’ specifications, including FHA
  • Hypoallergenic and can be used under any carpet
  • Almost 3-1/2 times the average cushion density




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