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Why Use Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)?

You may be hearing about a product called LVT and most consumers aren’t really sure what this is or why I would want it in my home?

Let’s look at what LVT or Luxury Vinyl Floor is. People hear the words vinyl floor and immediately turn their nose up at it, I don’t want Linoleum, it’s ugly and dated! Take note, this is not your Mother’s Linoleum Floor. Wow, that was some ugly stuff!

Wow, sheet vinyl can really be ugly.

Wow, sheet vinyl can really be ugly.

Another term we could use to describe LVT would be Resilient Flooring, but I don’t think that most people would find that appealing so the Industry termed it “LUXURY” Vinyl Flooring, much classier huh? At any rate you will be the one who ultimately decides whether or not this product is a keeper. Like any newer product in the market that is doing well with consumers, every Tom, Dick and Harry have decided to make one, so let’s see what really matters. We call it “resilient flooring” for a reason. These flooring products hold up incredibly well under the most trying conditions. It’s a major part of what makes resilient flooring the most popular hard surface flooring in the U.S. and growing.

Armstrong has a wide array of Tile looks great!

Armstrong has a wide array of Tile looks great!

Here is a definition I rather like:

Borrowed from: WiseGEEK

Resilient flooring is designed to be durable, resistant to stains and water, and comfortable to stand and work on. There are a wide range of styles within this category, at a range of price points from very affordable to more expensive luxury brands of flooring. Many flooring stores stock resilient products, and they typically provide samples for interested customers to examine.

The most common types of resilient flooring are made from materials like cork, vinyl, linoleum, and rubber. These materials are all known for being extremely sturdy, and they also possess a natural springiness, especially when installed over a sprung subfloor. Springy flooring is much more comfortable to stand on, making it a popular choice for kitchens, hospitals, retail stores, and other environments where people spend a lot of time on their feet. Cork and rubber are especially good for this, providing support and a springy surface that is enjoyable to walk on.

Another common trait of this flooring is resistance to stains, which includes food, dirt, and liquids. Some floors are treated with an upper layer of wax to make them even more stain resistant and easier to clean. This flooring also resists penetration by water, making it less likely to become a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can make a home unhealthy to be in. It also reduces the risk of damage to the subfloor.

Why choose LVT?


Does this product dent easy? If I drop a can of Peas will it leave a dent?


We call this Static Load, or how much weight can I put on this product that will leave an indentation longer then 24 hours: Here is the standard for LVT ~ In terms of static loading on the flooring, ASTM F970 Standard Test Method for Static Load Limit is the testing standard that applies. This test method is used to determine the recovery properties of resilient floor covering after a 24 hour indentation test under a specified load. The resulting value indicates residual indentation which is the depth of the depression still remaining 24 hours after the specified load is removed. It is realistic to specify up to 2000 psi load performance with minimal or no indentations remaining. 2000 Ponds per Square Inch, that’s a lot of weight folks.

Even Aunt June from Kokomo in her stiletto high heels might not dent this!!!

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority uses Resilient flooring in their rail cars.

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority uses Resilient flooring in their rail cars.


Resilient flooring products come in all kinds of different colors, patterns, textures, and designs to suit a wide variety of styles and preferences for both residential and commercial applications. From Realistic Hardwood, to Natural Stone and Slate

Armstrong's has some of the most realistic Tile Patterns available.

Armstrong’s has some of the most realistic Tile Patterns available.


While not a Green Product it is easy on the environment. From the materials used in manufacturing…to the installation, maintenance, and removal of the product, resilient floors are designed to be easy on the environment – protecting the indoor air quality of the building while preserving the planet. One of the reasons healthcare facilities choose resilient flooring over other materials is because of its major sanitary advantages. These flooring products are not only easier to keep clean but are also tested for slip-resistance and designed for better IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Here is an EPA study on Vinyl and the Environment.


At ProSource Wholesale Floorcoverings you will always pay less, see our Low Price Guarantee,

$100 says you can’t find a better price on Flooring!

I have $100 that says you can't beat our prices!

I have $100 that says you can’t beat our prices!

While starting out around $1.00 per Square Foot, it’s not just the lower initial cost that saves you money. With easier maintenance, longer lifecycles, and simpler removal and replacement, resilient flooring means a lower cost of ownership throughout the life of the floor.


From laboratories to libraries, and kitchens to classrooms, resilient flooring works well in all kinds of different residential and commercial environments. Its versatility makes it a favorite choice for architects, designers, builders, and homeowners. I have used this product on my back staircase and it holds up to everyday wear and tear. With two 100 pound dogs coming and going everyday it’s easy to sweep and keep clean, as well as good slip resistance.


Slip resistance is always a safety concern for flooring, particularly in high foot traffic areas, it is the surface characteristics that are important when it comes to simply slipping on any flooring materials with a variety of results possible. ASTM C1028 – 07e1 is the Standard Test Method for Determining the Static Coefficient of Friction for a variety of tile types. Building codes, ADA, and OSHA all indicate minimum levels of slip resistance based on this or similar standards for walking surfaces and particularly in egress corridors. Of course a variety of factors can come into play on slip resistance, but the basic make-up of the flooring should be acceptable to begin with. Vinyl flooring can indeed meet those demands both through the inherent slip resistant qualities of the material itself and the potential for surface treatments. Therefore, specifying flooring that meets or exceeds the minimum standards is clearly possible and recommended.

Handicapped Accessibility
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) establishes specific requirements for barrier free environments including unobstructed paths of travel along walkways and floors. Much of this has been codified in American National Standard ICC A117.1 (the Accessibility Standard) which is appended to most building codes as the prescriptive requirements to achieve such barrier free environments. Chapter 3 of this Standard specifically addresses Floor Surfaces. Section 302 indicates that flooring must first be stable, firm and slip resistant. Luxury Vinyl Tile readily meats all of these criteria, and the surface can be properly slip resistant.

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What’s the Best Flooring for my Kitchen?

When it comes to putting a new floor in your Kitchen there are many options to design a beautiful room. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular.

Hardwood Flooring

The first option to explore is Hardwood Flooring and one of the”Most Popular” would be the ResistX Brand. ResistX offers a variety of textures, color washed planks and an assortment of exotics in contrasting light and dark tones. A lifetime of durability combined with a vision of elegance make this hardwood flooring collection a classic American work of art.

A quality hardwood floor isn’t just an aesthetic investment; it also helps boost a home’s selling price.

Wood floors don’t just benefit people looking to sell their home. They also offer many advantages for those looking to stick around for awhile. The average lifespan of a hardwood floor is 30 years. That may seem like a long commitment to a homeowner who updates and changes décor every few years. But, hardwood works well with many different decorating styles and offers timeless beauty.

New technology in stains and finishes makes it easier than ever to keep hardwood floors looking beautiful for decades. A regular schedule of sweeping or vacuuming and the occasional use of a professional cleaning product is all it takes.




Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile is another great alternative for designing your new Kitchen. With a vast array of colors and patterns to compliment any cabinet style and color. And because ceramic flooring provides the ultimate in stain resistance, you know you’re getting the performance you need. Ceramic tile gives the appearance of stone flooring like travertine, slates and tumbled stone, without the maintenance hassles and expense. Step into a ProSource Showroom and onto the incredible beauty and durability of ceramic tile floors.
ProSource offers a tremendous selection of wholesale ceramic tile flooring, all at highly competitive prices.



Laminate flooring offers great looks at affordable prices. It’s also durable. Kids? Pets? Relax. With laminate flooring, you won’t have to worry. Laminate floors are made to stand up to high traffic and high impact. And laminate is versatile too – it can be installed in any room in your home, wherever you want the beauty of hardwood, stone or tile without the cost and maintenance. Laminate floors are the perfect product for a DIY project. It is easy to install and does not require any adhesive to fasten it to the floor. It is also a great way to go over a less then suitable sub-floor like old linoleum or sheet vinyl.

Laminate comes in Tile patterns

Laminate comes in Tile patterns

Digital Imaging allows for a very realistic look.

Digital Imaging allows for a very real hardwood look.


Sheet Vinyl or Linoleum

Vinyl sheet floors remain one of the most popular flooring categories. And what’s not to love? Vinyl sheet is available in a wide range of looks; it’s durable and easy to clean. Vinyl sheet also comes in either 6’ or 12’ rolls, which means you won’t have seams where you don’t want them. Sheet vinyl is usually the most cost effective product available, so with a tight budget sheet vinyl makes an excellent option.

Other reasons for Sheet Vinyl Floors:

  • Beautiful, realistic looks
  • Soft under foot
  • Durability
  • Low maintenance
Sheet Vinyl comes in a variety of patterns.

Sheet Vinyl comes in a variety of patterns.

The vinyl sheet kitchen flooring, inspired by the look of Italian leather, is a bold choice that brings a sense of elegance and “old world” quality to the décor.

Luxury Vinyl Tile or Plank

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) or Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) is the fastest growing segment in floorcovering. It is a very good option for today’s life. Very water proof, durable, scratch and dent resistant and easy to install. So no matter what your active life throws at it, LVT & LVP can stand up to it. Go ahead live on it.  Style and Design options are not limited with product either. With the ability of digital imaging can bring the outdoors in with many real product looks from Hardwood to natural Stone patterns.

Luxury Vinyl Tile - go ahead Live On It !

Luxury Vinyl Tile – go ahead Live On It !

Resista Luxury Vinyl Flooring is made using a unique and innovative process that captures the genuine colors and textures of wood and stone found in nature.

• Rich wood grains and finishes

• Realistic stone colors and textures

• Subtle hues and patterns

Resista Resilient Flooring is offered with an exclusive Lifetime and Pro-Rated Warranty.The residential warranty is pro-rated based on the warranty life of the product and the light commercial warranty is limited to 10 years.

Resista Resilient Flooring is offered with an exclusive Lifetime and Pro-Rated Warranty.
The residential warranty is pro-rated based on the warranty life of the product and the light commercial warranty is limited to 10 years.

In all of these kitchen design ideas, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect floor to complement your cabinetry, countertops, appliances and, most importantly, your lifestyle and budget.

Want the best selection of floorcoverings anywhere: 

Join ProSource today and experience a Membership with real benefits

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